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Nuova Euromacchine

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13881 CavagliĆ  (BI)

Welcome to the website of Nuova Euromacchine

Nuova Euromacchine is an Italian dealer of construction equipment operating for more than 30 years in Italy and for more than 25 years abroad.

Family-owned company, Nuova Euromacchine is able to offer the customer the newly built cars, in excellent condition, ready to work.

Since 1987 works in the field of import-export trade across the globe: the contacts with large foreign vendors and customers all over the world, some of which now have ten customers and suppliers, qualify the company to offer various kinds of construction equipment for different types of works and construction, recent, in excellent condition, ready to work; also machines intended for large sites projects, which are rarely sold on the domestic market.

After so many years of experience in sales abroad, in various countries of the world, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the company is able to support transportation and delivery by land and sea.

All machines are at your disposal to inspection and testing by our store located ltaly Northwest; Here the machines are carefully checked and overhauled.

Visit our web site where you will see the detailed photographs of these machines in storage, accompanied by descriptions and details.

Heavy Machinery and Equipment for sale
Nuova Euromacchine